German Wirehaired Pointers

We are excited to announce that we will begin to offer high quality German Wirehaired Pointers from proven working/hunting dog pedigrees in the near future!


We have spent several years researching this breed, and are ready to begin offering solid, versatile pointing gun dogs. Pointers that will excel in both field and water hunt settings, and make great family/companion dogs!


The German Wirehaired Pointers trace their origins back to the late 1800’s. They originated in Germany, where breeders wanted to develop a rugged, versatile hunting dog that would work closely with either one person or a small party of people hunting on foot in varied terrain; from the mountainous regions of the Alps, to the dense forests, to more open areas with farms and small towns. They became a leading gun dog in Germany in the later part of the 20th century

 The German Wirehaired pointer is a well muscled, medium to large-sized dog of distinctive appearance. Balanced in size and sturdily built, the breed's most distinguishing characteristics are its weather resistant, wire-like coat and its facial furnishings. Typically pointer in character and style, the German wirehaired pointer is an intelligent, energetic and determined hunter. Like all German pointers, they have webbed feet. 

 The functional wiry coat is the breed's most distinctive feature. The coat is weather resistant and water-repellent. The undercoat is dense enough in winter to insulate against the cold. The distinctive outer coat is straight, harsh, wiry and flat lying, and is from one to two inches in length. The outer coat is long enough to protect against the punishment of rough cover. 

GWPs in America Today

 Wirehairs today have many roles. They are excellent dogs for the everyday hunter, who like the Germans of 100+ years ago, want a dog that can literally do it all. It is not uncommon for hunters and their Wirehairs to jump-hunt ducks in the morning, hunt quail, pheasant or chukar in the afternoon, and wait in a blind for an evening flight of geese. Wirehairs serve as companions who’d rather sleep on their owners’ feet than anywhere else. They compete successfully in conformation shows, horseback field trails, AKC hunting tests, agility, obedience, and every type of performance event you can name. It is not uncommon to find the same dog participating in several of these events concurrently! They also serve individuals and communities in the form of therapy dogs, drug detection dogs and much more.  

 The German Wirehaired pointer is affectionate, lively, very determined, active and intelligent. Eager to learn and loyal to its family, it needs a handler who is consistent in approach. They like to be occupied, are vigorous and enjoy working for their owners. They are friendly with those they know, but are sometimes aloof with strangers and should be socialized at an early age. German Wirehaired pointers are happiest and most well behaved when they are part of the family and can spend time with their people.  The German Wirehaired pointer is a good all-around gun dog, able to hunt any sort of game on any sort of terrain. This dog has a great nose and can track, point, and retrieve on both land and water. Loyal and playful, the German Wirehaired Pointer thrives on human companionship. Although they are generally accepting of other dogs, they tend to focus upon the people in their family.

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