We specialize and are dedicated to breeding, raising and selling quality Labrador puppies and started gun dogs. We also specialize in obedience training, no matter what age your Labrador may be.

We limit the number of dogs we train to maintain the time and creativity needed for a customized approach.

Using our proven methods we train each retriever to maximize their potential, specifically for the hunting style and/or venue of competition desired by their owner. Through repetition, clarity of instruction and a moderation of pressure, we bring out the best in your Labrador Retriever as we train them to be confident and enthusiastic. Manners and obedience are trained as a habit and are not maintained by threats. As a result your Labrador will maintain these habits when they go home.

Dogs vary tremendously in temperament, abilities, and response to training. You can send your Labrador to us confident in the knowledge that we have gained through years of combined experience in capitalizing on the strengths, minimizing the weaknesses, and adapting to the learning styles of the individual dogs to bring out the best in each of them. We get good results with soft dogs, difficult dogs, and dogs with correctable problems.

Our kennels are safe, secure, clean, and comfortable. Our training grounds offer a full compliment of the water layouts, terrain, and cover variations needed to fully educate a retriever.

If you are interested in having your Labrador Retriever professionally trained, please take a few minutes and browse our site. You can find details about our puppy raising and training program, basic obedience and gun dog training, as well as our grounds, our Labrador Retrievers, and recommendations for Black Gold dog food. You can also learn more about how we approach retrievers and training by visiting our site Library for books and DVD’s we recommend.

Check our “Puppies For Sale” page if you are looking for a quality black Labrador or yellow Labrador puppy. Check out our Facebook page for pictures, videos, and details about upcoming litters. And always, we sell our pups with our Health Guarantee.

CONTACT US: 406.494.4683 • info@baldmountainlabradors.com