Ruby is SOLD - Ruby - DOB - 9/2/2011 is being offered for sale! (see picture & pedigree on our DAMS page). Ruby has servered us well, and will soon be ready to go to a forever home. She is a wonderful companion/hunting dog. She is sweet, obedient and quiet in the home, but has the drive required of an awesome hunting dog in the feild. Ruby has 3 Junior Hunt Test more will get her a Junior Hunt Test Title. She is a strong retreiver on land and in the water, and easily runs double retreives. If you are looking for a hunting dog for this fall, check Ruby out! We will have her spayed in August. She is current on all her shots, Proheart & flea & tick. She will be ready to go in 30 days. Please call us at 406-494-4683.

Hannah is SOLD - Also for sale is Hannah - DOB 5/23/2017 German Wirehaired Pointer female. What a sweet dog! Hannah is currently in training and doing great! She is retreiving on land & water. She will be spayed in August, then ready for her forever home! Hannah is considered "Slick", she did not develope furnishing. This actually is nicer in the feild as she does not pick up burrs easily. For more info on Hannah, please call us at 406-494-4683






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