We are currently offering dog boarding:
- For large breed, outdoor dogs only.
- $15.00 per day/per dog.

Owners must supply –
- Food for their dog/dogs for the duration of its stay.
- Current shot records from a licensed Veterinarian, and contact information in case of an emergency.
- Sign a liability waiver releasing Bald Mountain Labradors from any, and all liability.
- Supply a bark collar for your dog if it has a barking problem.

***Dogs with aggressive behaviors of any kind will not be accepted***

Your dog will be treated with love and affection. We feed twice a day and air three times a day. Dogs are allowed to spend time in the airing yard pens to play and exercise. Dogs can be socialized with other dogs if they are of a disposition to do so. Or they can be kept seperate if so desired. Your dog will be boarded in our airing yard pens with shelter and straw for bedding. Our in or new 5′ x 10′ welded wire kennels with heated indoor areas . Kennels and airing yard are cleaned each time dogs are aired. All dogs will be kept inside the heated barn in crates during the night. This allowes all dogs to rest comfortably and quietly. We will only board a few dogs at a time so as not to over crowd the kennels and airing yard. So please, plan ahead and make arrangements well in advance for professional boarding.

View our Boarding and Training Agreement.

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