New Litters!

Nike whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!!

8 pups total - 3 black females & 5 black males!



Willow whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!

4 pups total - 2 black males & 2 yellow males!!!!


Possibly some males availabe!!!!!

Upcoming litters

Kate is in heat and will be bred to Dually for an all black litter!!!


Willow is in heat and will be bred to Axle!!! Hoping for some yellow puppies!!!!

Kate/Teacher litter!

9 beautiful yellow puppies!!!!! We have at this time one yellow female and one yellow male available! Call now to get your deposit on one or both of them! They will be 7 weeks old and ready for thier forever homes on Feb 2nd 2017!

Kaiya's litter has arrived!!!!

Kaiya whelped 4 beautiful female pups on Dec 22nd 2016! One black & 3 yellows! All 4 are doing great! We have at this time, one yellow female available. Call to get your deposit on this sweet female! 406-494-4683 They will be 7 weeks old and ready for their forever homes Feb 9th 2017.

A 2nd litter expected mid-Dec!!!!!

Kaiya was bred to Smoke a couple of days after Kate was bred to Teacher. So we expect 2 litters just before Christmas! This litter should have black & yellow puppies and may be a smaller dog when mature. Kaiya weighs 50 lbs. So if you are looking for a smaller companion/hunting dog, look no further! These pups will be ready for new homes in early spring!

Contact us about a deposit on a pup!


An All Yellow Litter is expected mid-Dec!

Kate was recently bred to Teacher for an all yellow litter due to whelp mid-Dec! Watch for results of her ultrasound in about 30 days! Kate is a sweet, sweet female! She loves to retrieve and loves people. These pups will make wonderful companion dogs and/or super hunting dogs! Dont miss out on a pup from this litter. Contact us and put a deposit down to get on our waiting list. Watch for more infomation later on!


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