Next Pairing

We are expecting Kate to cycle soon. She will be bred by Dually for an all black litter. Taking deposits now! 406-494-4683

Ruby/Dually mating!!!!

Ruby was just bred to our own stud, Dually!

We will ultrasound her mid-Oct to confirm pregnancy. If so she should whelp mid-Nov.


We will get a picture & pedigree of Dually on our STUDS page very soon!

Kaiya Litter has arrived!!!!!

Kaiya whelped August 19, 2017. She had 1 black female, 3 black males, 1 yellow male & 2 yellow females!!! All are doing great!


We have 3 pups available from this litter, 2 black males & 1 yellow male.

Please see our Facebook page for pictures & videos.


Contact us if you are interesteed in a future super companion/hunting dog! 406-494-4683

Kate Litter has arrived!

Kate whelped August 16, 2017!!!!! She had 5 yellow females & 5 yellow males!!! All are doing great! Please see our Facebook page for pictures & videos!

There are 2 yellow males available at this time. Give us a call if you are interested in a future super companion/hunting dog. 406-494-4683

Kate & Kaiya both are pregnant!!!!

Ultrasound confirmed both Kate & Kaiya are pregnant!!!! Kate was bred to Teacher for an all yellow litter. Kaiya was bred to Smoke and should have black and yellow puppies. Both are due mid-August. We are taking deposits for these and future litters.

Ruby should cycle in Septermber.

Anna should cycle in December.


New Breeding!

Kate was bred to Teacher & Kaiya was bred to Smoke mid June. July 17th we will ultrasound them to confirm pregnancy!!! Check back for more info!

Liv breeding

Liv cycled and was bred on March 16th 2017. We bred her to Smoke instead of Teacher. We will ultrasound her April 17th to see if she is pregnant. Check back for more information!


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