New Litters!

Nike whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!!

8 pups total - 3 black females & 5 black males!



Willow whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!

4 pups total - 2 black males & 2 yellow males!!!!


Possibly some males availabe!!!!!

Upcoming litters

Kate is in heat and will be bred to Dually for an all black litter!!!


Willow is in heat and will be bred to Axle!!! Hoping for some yellow puppies!!!!


Liv is showing the first signs of heat. She will be bred to Teacher soon!

Newest Litter!!!!

Anna/Smoke litter DOB 2/12/17

 Check out our newest arrivals! Anna whelped 6 beautiful puppies! Only 2 yellow males are available! They are the 2 lighter colored ones. Give us a call, they won't last long! 

Anna Litter!

X ray yesterday showed at least 4 puppies!!!! Anna is due Feb 14th thru the 17th. Maybe we will have Valentins puppies!!!!

2 Puppies Available!!!!

There are 2 yellow females availble at this time. One from the Kate/Teacher litter and one from the Kaiya/Smoke litter. They will be 7 weeks old on Feb 2nd and Feb 9th and ready for their forever homes.


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