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New Litters!

Nike whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!!

8 pups total - 3 black females & 5 black males!



Willow whelped Dec 10th, 2018!!!

4 pups total - 2 black males & 2 yellow males!!!!


Possibly some males availabe!!!!!

Upcoming litters

Kate is in heat and will be bred to Dually for an all black litter!!!


Willow is in heat and will be bred to Axle!!! Hoping for some yellow puppies!!!!


We have several young females coming up thru the ranks to add to our breeding program. We are currently getting the testing done to qualify them as breeders.

We will post pictures & pedigrees when the testing is complete. We are planning several litteres this fall. We encourage getting a deposit in, to get on the wating for the pup of your dreams!



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