“I have raised 5 puppies with the help of my wife and while I love puppies, they are more time consuming and headache inducing than I have time for. I have always kept my puppies in a travel kennel in the kitchen with us for at least 2 months. This requires someone to be home at all times to let the puppy out every 1 1/2 hours to air. This is fine on my days off but really puts a bind on my wife for a couple of months. She is not free to go to town because she needs to take care of the puppy with entertainment and feedings. We decided mutually this time to try a puppy trainer for 3 months. This would get us past most of the really time consuming stuff and I would get a puppy who had been taught some basic obedience and most of all, taught how to learn.

Kris Hunt recommended Mary and Scott Steinfeldt to me and I couldn’t be any happier. My puppy was loved as if it were there own. They are super people and very caring for the dogs. In fact, no matter where a puppy goes, it will be a step down from their operation. They have beautiful grounds on which the dogs live and they get tons of attention. They are very safety conscious, feed premium food, the facilities are super clean and it is just an all around great home for any dog to live.

When it comes time for me to start a new dog again, I will not hesitate to contact them again. I would also recommend anyone who is thinking of a puppy trainer to contact them, it has been just a super experience.”

- Matt H., Sugar City, Idaho

“Our family was out of town for over a month and needed a desired site for boarding our puppy Pepper of  less than one year. After interviewing a number of business, we discovered Bald Mountain Labradors through a friend, as most quality referrals are. We liked Mary immediately. She had a clean, professionally run kennel and promised to provide quality care, not to take on more dogs than she could handle at one time. Mary didn’t promise to change the world of our wild and untrained puppy. What she did do was train Pepper (and us) to carry out basic commands and play well with others.

While Pepper now minds well and retrieves like a real field trial dog, she is still the same lovable house dog we always wanted. The entire experience was just what we had hoped. Most important, we felt Pepper was left in the best home possible…with Bald Mountain Labradors.”

- Dawn & Mark L., Bozeman, Montana


“From the initial phone call and email, the road directions, the demonstrations of her ability to train and handle Rio (as well as other labs), to the final follow-ups,…. Mary has been a wonderful person to deal with. She answered all my questions and then some, she helped me with my handling skills (I was a little rusty), and made sure the title of ownership was delivered in a fashionable timeframe.

Mary reads her trainees well and teaches each one of them the proper discipline and skills to be a well- rounded. All the trainees I met when I visited Bald Mountain Labradors were happy, healthy, and full of life. Rio has been trained to be a junior hunter, to have proper manners around family (young and old), to have patients and consistency on the ‘line’ when retrieving, and to have the foundations to be a really good field trial/hunting dog.

Previously, I have trained my own dogs from the puppy stage and I was looking to try a well started lab that I could hunt and train with as well as have a calm dog in the home. Mary assured me that Rio was the dog for me…..and she was right! Rio has a lot of drive in the field and is one of the biggest couch potatoes in the house (next to me). When I hunt, I hunt hard and I expect a lot of energy out of a dog. Rio, as described by Mary, as the “Energizer Bunny”, sure lives up to her name. I am very happy with my well trained, happy, and healthy hunting partner. Thank You Bald Mountain Labradors!!”

- Andrew U., Regina, Saskatchewan/Canada

Bald Mountain Labradors was referred to me by a friend and we have been nothing but pleased since the first conversation with Mary. Mary has been a wonderful and professional person to deal with and has answered all of my questions and concerns about Cooper, our new yellow lab. Cooper is from Annie (Dam) and Smoke (Sire).

When Cooper was about six months old I took him back to Mary for a month of puppy obedience training. We go to California for the winter and I was concerned about having a disobedient puppy in a condominium for four months. After a month of training with Mary, Cooper is like a completely different dog. He is obedient and I can hardly believe he is the same puppy. He demonstrates the manners and socializing skills of an adult dog, 3-4 years of age. I had Cooper home for about two weeks after his training and I called and talked with Mary. She asked how I felt and I told her I was absolutely tickled with Cooper. I don’t know how else to describe my feeling other than I couldn’t be happier. Cooper is now eight months old and we are able to leave him roaming in the house day and night and he never bothers anything.

Cooper is going to be 70-75 pounds, great confirmation, big boned, very smart, marks and retrieves really good. He is just everything I could have asked for. I would definitely recommend Scott and Mary for a pup to anyone. They have great quality dogs who are level-headed, a great facility that is immaculate and a beautiful area to train and raise dogs. If you need a puppy raised and trained they are certainly qualified to do that too.

- Jerry M., Helena, Montana

First off, this is my second lab, the first was a female from Wyoming. She was small, a total go-getter, so great on retrieving right off the bat but wow hard to keep up with, chewed quite a bit of stuff. Super with people, didn't care about other dogs. She was a good fit for me when I first moved to MT since I was single, hunted and fished quite a bit, so she was my best pal. Basically I thought I would never approach a dog that 'perfect' for me.

Jasper, my guy from Bald Mtn is a male (now fixed), just 70lbs so quite small, and certainly based on comments from passersby, he's just about the 'prettiest' lab you'll see. Not too pointy nosed, not too square. Unlike with my other lab, I now have a wife and two young daughters, very busy job, so things are very different. I would say that once again, I have the perfect dog for my situation. Jasper is less go-getter, except revs up big time for playing with other dogs or for hunting. He's at my office every day and is great, same with in the drift boat, and he has not once growled at another dog, and my kids flop all over him and he puts up with it.

So not only is Jasper pretty awesome (and my other hunting and dog friends would concur), but Scott and Mary are superb folks. I have left Jasper with them for two 30 day spans for training/boarding, and each time he came back happy, healthy, and with better hunting habits. He loves it at Bald Mtn, and loves them. They have the same outlook on training that I do, and same expectation level (ok theirs is higher, which mine should be). They were very helpful with providing advice, even well after I had paid them and picked up J. 

Short version: every dog is different, you never know, but even a dog half as awesome as J and a kennel half as awesome as BML would be notably better than most. You would be wise to go with them.

- David T., Bozeman, Montana

Dan writes:


Hey Bald Mountain Lab fans.... I am writing to tell you all that after purchasing and training multiple dogs with Mary and Scott, I also brought them a pointing lab from another kennel to train.  They have had her twice.  My opinion....get a lab from Mary.  Don't mess around.  She will make whatever dog you bring do it's best because she has that talent.  Mary and Scott's dogs are the best ever.  I've hunted behind them for years now.....excellent....and amazing training and follow up from the masters that raise them !!!!   

Dan D. ,West Yellowstone 2019

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